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A Great Example of QR Codes Done Right

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular among mobile marketing campaigns. Still relatively new, its use hasn’t been perfected yet, and many times I’m sure you’ll see random codes stuck in the middle of nowhere with a non-existent/weak/utterly pathetic call to action. Quick lesson on QR codes.

Harness the Power of Youtube

Check out this video. It was uploaded a couple years ago but the facts remain very real and I feel it’s a pretty sad fact that a lot of marketers spend too much time and effort on Twitter and Facebook, and are disregarding the power of video. Around 1.2 billion videos are watched on YouTube [...]

Vine: The New Video App on Twitter

Twitter added a new feature last week when they introduced Vine to their users. Basically Vine is a mobile service that allows you to create videos that last up to six seconds and will repeat on loop. Holding hands at Tilden park — James Buckhouse (@buckhouse) January 24, 2013   The app is rated [...]

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