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Mobile Marketing. Welcome to the future.

Apple iTunes has always dominated the app market even though Google Play was launched only a short while after them in 2008. And in 2010, when Apple announced that they had hit the 250k downloaded apps mark, it tool Google a while longer (July 2011 to be exact) to reach that figure. But lately, Android [...]

The Future of Mobile Marketing

To harness the advantages of both traditional and mobile marketing strategies, it is best to integrate mobile into your traditional marketing efforts. One mistake marketers make, is to use marketing platforms in silos instead of using them as complimentary tools. This leads to an over-reliance on one single marketing strategy and neglecting other forms of [...]

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Mobile loyalty apps provide value for both brands and the consumer. These loyalty apps are increasingly becoming a significant element in the marketing mix. Integrating mobile apps with loyalty programs eliminates the need to carry physical loyalty cards. Smartphones allow users to carry their virtual loyalty cards anywhere they go. However, security and reliability concerns [...]

M-Commerce, Part 2

The Different Types Of Payments On Mobile There are different types of mobile payments that are available. These are: a) SMS payments: This mode of payment entails using a simple SMS to make purchases and payments. SMS payment methods popular and will continue to be a preferred methods of person-to-person payment. This can be attributed [...]

M-Commerce, Part 1

M-commerce sites focus on driving product purchase and higher transactions. It also involves increasing the will to make a purchase through more intensive product knowledge. For the majority of customers who come to your site for ‘window-shopping’, price comparisons or inventory availability are very important. Ensure prominent display of customer support channels such as account [...]

Mobile Analytics, Part 2

How To Conduct Mobile Polls And Surveys Text Message Polls: This entails setting up a survey or a voting system that asks users questions through SMS. The system will also provide choices that participants can text back in answering the questions. This system will save the participants’ answers so that you can download and analyze [...]

Mobile Analytics, Part 1

With the increasing usage of mobile devices as well as a growing generation of mobile users who are using their mobile devices for different purposes, marketers cannot afford not to track their mobile marketing campaigns. In an effort to improve users’ experience, marketers have optimized their websites for mobile and have configured emails so users [...]

Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 3

Tips For Integrating Mobile With Social Media Mobile and social are strongly interlinked channels. This is attributable to the fact that many mobile phone users are accessing social media channels using their mobile devices. How can a marketer make use of both mobile and social to engage with his target audience? Consider the buying funnel: [...]

Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 2

Facebook Mobile Businesses need to come to the realization that Facebook for mobile offers a lucrative opportunity to interact with millions of potential customers. There are more than 900 million users on Facebook and the number continues to grow every day. Users upload over 300 million photos each month on Facebook. The role of mobile [...]

Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 1

The online market place is constantly experiencing changes in terms of technology and user preferences. As such, marketers must stay abreast with all these new trends to remain competitive and to stay relevant to their target audience. Only recently, social media marketing was, and remains one of the major advancements in online marketing. However, the [...]

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