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Online Advertising, Part 1

After bringing your business online, you need to advertise your product and service offering to your target audience. One advantage of online advertising is that is does not have to cost you too much if you do it strategically and from a point of knowledge. You have access to numerous platforms that allow you to [...]

Google+ Local, Part 5

  Google Places Backend Currently Remains Unchanged Google+ Local pages are indexed currently by the search engines. The G+ Local page will be replacing the Google Places pages on the main website. Don’t expect sweeping changes. Google Places and Google Maps will still be indexed based on previous placement, but future placement will be determined [...]

Google+ Local, Part 4

What Else Is On the Google Local Page? Scrolling to the bottom of the page will reveal a variety of features on the Google+ Local page. Here are the main ones to consider: a) a list of Zagat Users who have supplied reviews of their own b) reviews from other search engine competitors such as [...]

Google+ Local, Part 3

What Has Google Accomplished? a) Google Places is now Google+ Local or Google Local b) Integration of Zagat Reviews c) A new Local tab in Google + was added d) Circles and Friend Reviews through G+ Filters e) One easy to use and easy to manage platform across G+, Google Search, Maps and Mobile What [...]

Google+ Local, Part 2

What Is Different? You can still list your business for free by going to On the Google Places page you will see the option ‘Choose the right places with Google + and Zagat’ right above the description ‘Reviews from people you know and scores and summaries from Zagat’. Right below there is a box [...]

Google+ Local, Part 1

80 million online business owners signed into Google recently to discover that overnight they have become part of Google+ Local. If you have a Google Places account or you are a Local Business there is something you need to know. From now on whenever you think ‘Google Places’, you need to substitute the phrase with [...]

Getting Visitors, Part 6

Creating and offering QR codes can also help your audience stay in touch with each other and to be connected to multimedia resources. QR codes are like the barcodes used in retail shop. You can use tools such as goQRme to create a QR code that connects users with each other and to websites, text [...]

Getting Visitors, Part 5

Advanced Tips Contests, surveys and loyalty programs can be an effective way of encouraging online conversation and creating buzz for your business. Make use of contest to generate feedback from your customers and to improve your return on investment for your online marketing campaign. You can also expand your email list by holding these contests [...]

Getting Visitors, Part 4

Webinars Webinars are a great and interactive method of engaging your target audience. They not only educate, but they also entertain the audience. In fact, webinars can be more effective in sending out a message and interacting with customers compared to a site that features just textual content. Even as you interact with your audience, [...]

Getting Visitors, Part 3

Forums Forums or message boards offer your site visitors a platform to interact with one another, to hold discussions and to provide opinions about various topics. By opening up your site like this, you are allowing site visitors to establish a rapport with you. This is particular important if you are looking for loyal followership [...]

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