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John Chow in the House Yo!

If you’ve always dreamed of making money online, you must have heard of John Chow. Well, if you haven’t (and I’m shaking my head while I’m typing this), you will want to check out John’s blog at JohnChow[dot]com. He’s been voted 2012 Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and has a pretty awesome detailed blog showing people [...]

Mobile Marketing. Welcome to the future.

Apple iTunes has always dominated the app market even though Google Play was launched only a short while after them in 2008. And in 2010, when Apple announced that they had hit the 250k downloaded apps mark, it tool Google a while longer (July 2011 to be exact) to reach that figure. But lately, Android [...]

The Power of Words

Words sell. No two ways about it. That’s why in every project, we invest heavily in the best copywriters. We’ve used the experts who range from $5 – 10k as well as the “Hollywood” type copywriters who charge a minimum of $20k. Regardless of niche, excellent copywriters take at least a month to research and [...]

How to Keep Track of How Well You Are Doing, Part 2

Sources of traffic: you can determine how people find your site and track the keywords and links that bring people to your webpages. Content information: you can measure how well your content is optimized for the search engines. You can also determine the most popular pages, how people reach these pages and how they exit. [...]

How to Keep Track of How Well You Are Doing, Part 1

Plenty of changes will take place in your online business on a daily basis. New people may visit your site, your social activity will vary from time to time, and different people will click through your ads. To keep track of how well you are doing and how effective your online activities are, you need [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 4

Reward Programs In addition to building partnerships with businesses, you can also engage your target audience, fans and existing customers. One way to do this is through a rewards or loyalty program. An excellent service to use is FanGager, which addresses the need for businesses to identify their greatest fans and how to engage and [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 3

Influencers More and more businesses are seeing the importance of partnering with people such as celebrities, bloggers and journalists who have great social influence online. These influencers can have a great impact on your business when they endorse your brand or spread word of mouth information about your products. An effective tool to use in [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 2

Affiliates As your online business grows, consider creating an affiliate-marketing program. This approach will enable you to collaborate with professional marketers who will promote and market your product offering. Affiliate marketing enables you to expand your brand’s online presence by working with affiliates who operate niche sites that attract a specific market. Affiliation can be [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 1

Working with meaningful partners is the cornerstone of business success. As you grow your online presence, you will find that partnering with other businesses and individuals makes operating your own business much easier. With partnerships, you will learn new ways of managing a profitable business and you will be exposed to even greater opportunities. Here [...]

Online Advertising, Part 2

Daily Offers Daily offers can be an effective method of advertising and attracting customers to your new business. These programs enable you to offer discounted deals in return for exposure and promising customers or subscribers. Some of the most popular daily offers programs are: Groupon: offers unique deals in that for an offer to become [...]

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