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If you’re a regular Twitter user, you may have realized yesterday that Twitter now allows its users to share and view GIFs.


Whether you’re on iPhone, Android, or use the web version of Twitter, you’ll find that GIFs now show up in your timeline with a video-esque Play button, presumably so users can choose to play the GIF or not.

Also, if you would like to upload your own GIF, you can do so the same way you upload photos – through the gallery button below the text box.

No longer will anyone have to go through the long and tedious process of uploading your GIF to a third-party site like Imgur and then share the link on Twitter. Just upload it directly to Twitter, and you’re good to go.

Now, as to why this is amazing: because being able to upload GIFs on Twitter opens up an entire new world for content marketers. 

  • GIFS stand out in the Twitter feed.


A HubSpot split test discovered that when an image is added to a Tweet, there will be a 55% increase in leads. That’s because images stand out in the Twitter feed.

Just like images, GIFs have more weight in the Twitter feed algorithm, and can catch your readers’ eyes.

You can use them to get your audience’s attention, and make your Tweet more clickworthy, since readers would need to click on the Play button to play the GIF anyway.

TIP: Try not to use GIFs with a white background, as that can make the white Play button harder to see.

  • They’re easy to digest.

Twitter GIFs aren’t very complicated at all.

They don’t open in a new window (which some users find annoying), and they’re short and easy to consume.

Plus, they’re fun. People love GIFs. Most of us have been waiting for Facebook to allow GIF comments, but I guess we’ll have to keep waiting…

  • They can communicate emotions.


This is probably one of the best thing about GIFs… they can elicit emotions from people.

Being able to see an animation of a response, for example, or a human face, can help people empathize or feel some sort of emotion connected to the one in the animation.

GIFs can help your followers to feel whatever emotions that you want them to feel, depending on how well you use your GIFs and craft your Tweets. This can help a lot in your marketing efforts!


Several brands have already gotten started with GIFs on Twitter, and are going all out with the playful new feature. (Check out 8 of the best ones here.) How about you? Are you ready to get on the bandwagon and start getting creative with your content?



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