The Top 5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Videos

So Facebook announced they’ve added a new feature to their adopted baby called ‘Video on Instagram’. 

According to Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, it’s going to be the same Instagram we know and love, but it moves.

This new feature gives Instagram users the ability to create 15-second (the normal length of most ads online), non-looping videos on their accounts.

Which sounds a little like Vine, yes.


The difference is, Instagram already allows users to make their photos and images “prettier” with their many different image filters.

‘Video on Instagram’ currently has a set of 13 new filters for editing your video with.

This gives Instagram’s videos a little bit more of a creative advantage.

Also, Vine is still not yet as widely used as Instagram.

The only drawback is that right now, you can only upload videos recorded using the Instagram app, not from the Camera Roll.

Anyway, this is still interesting.

I know businesses will definitely be able to make use of this new feature, and incorporate Instagram videos into their marketing strategy.



Well I’m glad you asked…

5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Videos:

1. Showcase your audience

Ask your followers, fans, audience (whatever you want to call them) to create videos that reflect your brand. Give them an outline to follow.

Get them to include your hashtag.

i.e. #yourawesomebrandissoawesome

And showcase the best one all over the place.

This will increase your exposure, establish your brand, give it personality and connect to your audience.

Create a buzz. Potential to go viral. How many more nice things can I say about this?

Here’s Instagram’s pioneer “Video On Instagram.”

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2. Increase popularity through videos

If you see something your audience will think is funny or interesting, record it and post it. Even if it’s unrelated to your product.

Try and come up with ideas. How can your business or brand make use of Instagram videos to market your products better?

Videos can be good marketing tools, especially if they’re good enough to become viral.

You never know what might be the next Harlem Shake.

Alternately, check out this short from charitywater. Poignant, simple yet touching.

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3. Post event videos

Now you don’t have to limit your posts to text or images of an event. Post a video – that’s the best way to capture the event’s atmosphere and share it with others.

Now this may not seem like an event to some. But for Lakers fans out there… this is major.

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Videos can help you connect with your audience. If you’re trying to encourage people to attend an event, the right video can help you generate hype and excitement and consequently a higher attendance level.

4. Make teaser videos

Consider how movie teasers can make the people watching them want to go watch the movie being promoted.

You can do the same for your product or business.

If you’re introducing a new product or service, a short video teaser could really help get fans excited and encourage them to purchase your product or visit your store.

Just take a look at what burberry rolled out!

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5. Show other aspects of your product

Depending on the product you’re selling, your audience might be stuck assuming you can only use it in one or two ways.

Give them ideas and teach them if there are other aspects of your product that they never saw before.

Unveil new things, and reduce the redundancy of your product.

Introduce them to your product’s versatility and how it can be used in new ways.


With Instagram now available on desktop, the reach is greater and the possibilities endless.

By the way, in case you were wondering how to embed a Video On Instagram video on your site…

Just paste the URL into this baby and copy paste the code ;)

Or send it to someone with Instagram Direct. 

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