Social Media Marketing Stats for 2013

social media marketing in 2013

New Year’s was awesome. Fireworks. Friends. Family. And booze.

But now that the celebrations are over, the resolutions already broken, and 2012 in the past, it’s important for us marketers to look forward to the coming months. 

The first step to planning any successful marketing strategy is to hone in on emerging trends. And I’ve found the best way to do this is by understanding what happened in the past year to forecast the coming one. 

So here are some stats to get you started:


Make Friends with Facebook

Facebook is mainstream for a reason. As social media marketers, it would be silly to overlook the Zuckerberg brainchild. Why? Because one in every five online page views is… (drumroll please) Facebook.

A reported one billion posts are made per day on this social media giant, which grew 18% in 2012. With so many up-and-coming social media platforms steadily picking up steam, this mainstay continues to make up the biggest percentage of social content sharing. I’m talking HALF of all social sharing.

Not sure how to monopolize on Facebook? Try using Facebook Events. It’s the most popular tool among FB marketers to promote online and offline events. More so than display ads and targeted posts. Plus, it’s free.


The Twitter Boom

In 2012, Twitter grew by 55% with 15% of all social media sharing coming from the micro-blogging site. What’s more, one million new accounts are opened every day. Get on it if you haven’t already.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you can actually make conversions through the little blue bird, check this out… 42% of companies acquired at least one customer through Twitter. That’s one conversion. Minimum.

 social media stats 2012

The Pinterest Nuclear Explosion

And if you were impressed by Twitter’s 55% growth for 2012, prepare to be mind blown by this next stat… Pinterest grew by 379,599% last year.

And the biggest driver of growth was food photos. Lol.

Even so, it’s good to know that 12 of the top 15 pinterest categories were commerce related. Jewelry and accessories came in at number one, followed by flowers and gifts; food, books and travel made it in the top ten. Meanwhile apparel, home furnishings and toys rounded off the top fifteen.

If you’re targeting women, particularly mothers, this is the place you need to be. Pinterest is the number one family-friendly lifestyle site for moms, beating out Disney Online.


Dudes on Google+

Google+ has over 400 million users, typically male and in their late 20s. These guys tend to have technical backgrounds with the top three brands on this network being Android, Mashable and Chrome. In comparison, Facebook’s top three are Coca-Cola, Disney and Starbucks.

Again, use this information to your advantage. Don’t waste your efforts promoting products on platforms that don’t house your market.

 youtube conversions

Convert with YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second largest social media site, with 800 million unique visitors a month.

And it’s the second largest search engine.

If you’re not already using videos to promote your products, you’d better add that to your list of resolutions pronto. 75% of senior executives watch videos on business sites weekly. And a whopping 65% of them go to the vendor’s website after watching a video.

With a webcam or camera phone, and a simple video editing tool (which both Macs and PCs provide for free), you can have a good video up and running in 15 minutes.

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