Paid YouTube Channels Launched

Last week the web was abuzz with rumors that YouTube would be launching paid subscriptions.

Well it turns out the rumors are true.




A few days ago Google announced they would be introducing paid YouTube channels on a pilot program. 

In 2007 the video-sharing giant started their partner program whereby content creators were able to earn revenue for their uploads.

YouTube superstars that have really profited from this include Ryan Higa who makes over $150,000 per year under his stage name Nighiga; Dane Boedigheimer, the voice and creator of the Annoying Orange who rakes in more than $288,000 annually and Shane Dawson, the highest paid YouTuber, who has over 7 million subscribers across his three channels.


making money from youtube


So back to paid channels.

YouTube has officially revealed that they will now offer paid channels with subscription fees starting at 99 cents per month.

Each channel comes with a 14-day free trial after which you’ll start getting charged. If you opt to pay for a full year’s subscription, you’ll receive a discounted rate.

Sesame Street is offering full episodes. If you’re a fan of UFC, you can now watch full classic fights.




Most are saying that the move comes with little to no risk for YouTube. And in return a huge potential to generate high revenue by taking a cut of both subscription fees and ads that run on the channels.

It takes away the charm of their “Broadcast Yourself” slogan IMO.

But will it work?

I don’t know. Personally I don’t think I would pay to watch videos on YouTube.

But then again… imagine being stuck in traffic for 2 hours with no end in sight, a 4-year old in the backseat getting bored and fidgety and frustrated. Full current episodes of Sesame Street streaming from YouTube on my iPad sounds like a plan. Safe, entertaining and educational all-in-one.

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