Must-Have Tools Every Social Media Marketer Needs

As a social media marketer, you should always be looking at ways to improve your strategies and get the most out of your time. With the use of these tools, I’ve found that I’m able to be more efficient by actually doing less. 

Take a look and see if they’ll come in handy for you!


A relatively unknown tool that is incredibly useful for me is NutshellMail. Whether you’re an affiliate marketing multiple products, or you own a business that incorporates social media as part of your marketing arsenal, there are simply not enough hours in the day to keep up with all the networks you’ve signed up to.

With NutshellMail you get a daily update of all your social media happenings. In one shot I know how many new followers, retweets and mentions I get on Twitter, who and what users have said on Facebook, updates from my LinkedIn contacts and whatever else you have going on.

Now you don’t need to log on to every account you have to do your everyday checks and chores. It’s a fantastic tool to save your time.



In order to succeed at social media marketing you have to be updating consistently.

Again, it’s impossible to do this manually every single day on multiple platforms. That’s why Buffer is one of the most useful social media tools out there. It allows you to schedule tweets and posts in advance.

So I’ll often add a week’s worth of updates at one go, that include calls to action back to my sites as well as giving value and engaging with my followers. Buffer will them post the updates automatically throughout the week as scheduled. And I don’t have to do a thing.

Naturally I still follow up on comments from followers when I receive them. But with this automated system, it frees up so much of my time and just makes life a lot easier.


Google Alerts

It’s an oldie but a goodie.

If you aren’t using Google Alerts by now, I shake my head at you. It’s the easiest tool available to track your standings and it’s completely free.

Of course it can be used for a myriad of purposes, but in this respect I actually set up alerts for my own businesses and products. That way every time Google finds a mention about my stuff, I receive an email and I get to stay on top of things.

It’s really simple to set up and you can get notifications for anything you want – brands, businesses, unique products, people… 

google alerts

Viral Lock Plugin

This is a really neat plugin that allows users to “unlock” more content once they share your page or post via Twitter, Facebook or Google+

It’s one thing to just give people an option to like your post or maybe/perhaps/if-you-feel-like-it tweet it. It’s a whole other ball game to give those users an incentive to share.

Let’s say you have a site on weight loss. Your article gives 5 secret tips to get that hot body. With the plugin in place, you could entice readers to share the post and in return receive an extra 5 fat burning SUPER secrets.

You’ll be amazed at the shares you receive because people love freebies (and secrets!) With this plugin, you’re setting yourself up to go viral. And when done correctly, for the right reasons, it’s a surefire way to drive traffic and increase conversions.

unlock to share

And there you have it. My must-have social media marketing tools. Get them, use them, and reap the benefits. 

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