Facebook – Tips To Leveraging Photo Comments

Not sure if you noticed, but a couple of months ago, Facebook introduced photo comments for profiles, giving its users the ability to reply to comments with photos instead of just text.

Before that, all you could do was post a link to an image and Facebook would show the image as a thumbnail.

Not very cool, since sometimes words are really not good enough to express yourself.

Like when your friend makes a stupid comment, and you just have to respond with an epic facepalm meme.

And you end up having to reply like this:

epic facepalm

It’s not very pretty, is it?

In fact, sometimes when viewing the comments, the thumbnail might not even show up, meaning the person reading it would have to take the extra step of clicking on the link just to see what the image is.

Not exactly conducive for effective communication.

So now, Facebook allows you to just comment the photo straightaway, without the ugly URL or tiny thumbnail.

Which is so much better.


Especially for those of us who use Facebook for marketing purposes.

And especially because recently Facebook has expanded photo commenting to pages as well.

It’s an absolutely awesome opportunity for us.

If you use Facebook for your marketing efforts, you need to enable photos in comments.

It’ll make conversations with your customers much more expressive and engaging.

Because visual media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.


For brands, being able to post photo comments gives your brand the chance to really get creative with your Facebook posts and fan interactions. You’re no longer limited to being the only one able to share images. Now your followers and customers can contribute images as well.

How will YOU leverage this?

1. What Can Followers Do

Well since we want to fully utilize this added advantage Facebook has so kindly prepared for us, you can start a competition amongst your followers to post the best photo they can find or think of related to your product. Let’s say your niche is DIY Home Guides. You can get your followers to post photos of the stuff they’ve made based on the outcome of following your guide. This works in two ways:

First – It acts as your testimonial and customer feedback bank. Helping build your image and product credibility.

Second – You create a channel for your customers to communicate with you. Creating a good solid relationship between you and your customer.

I recommend you do this as a competition to entice your followers to participate. If you have a good amount of responsive followers, you can just update it as a regular status instead of an announcement.


2. What Can Marketers do?

Now this is a bit tricky. Since it is your page and why on earth would you want to post photo comments on your own page status. No way, right? Don’t be so sure about that.

This is a great way to get your followers to go through your entire page. Post photo comments on your past post and get your followers to look for the said photo. Make it a competition or make it just for fun. Entirely up to you. It’s a great way for you to get your followers to look back on your past posts and increase your chance of getting conversions. The possibilities really are endless, though, so get creative.

As a final side note, if you’re worried about the possibility of people spamming your page with irrelevant or stupid photos, then don’t worry. As the page admin, you can turn off photo commenting on your posts. It’s all good.

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