Epic Facebook Ad is Epic

Check out what I found the other day:

epic ad

Talk about an epic ad.

Goes to show just how important Facebook is. Or rather how huge an effect it has not only on pop culture but everyday life.

And I know some of you are groaning and complaining and thinking Facebook is going down the drain. But look, with nearly 1 billion active users and 50% of all social shares coming from Zuckerberg’s brainchild… If you’re not marketing on Facebook yet, you are crazy missing out.

Offline though, I really think that spawning a business off Facebook would be a great idea. Although I’m a little concerned about the copyright of it all.¬†Theoretically¬†though, in a land of no repercussions, don’t you think selling clip-ons, stickers, stamps and the like with the ‘like’ button would be an awesome viral business?

I’d make a ‘like’ stamp and go around stamping everything I like. Especially women :) And use the ‘like’ sticker on myself. So they can like me back :)

I’m a genius. I’m going to do it.

And I’m going to be a bezillionaire.

What do you think?

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