4 Content Marketing Ideas For Vine

With all the photo/video sharing apps out there today, Twitter’s Vine – launched last year in January – has almost (but not quite) been forgotten.


Despite facing competition from Instagram and other emerging platforms like Snapchat, Vine still managed to be one of the most popular apps of 2013, and brands are still using it today for successful content marketing campaigns.

Part of the reason Vine works so well for content marketing is because of the app’s simplicity.

All you have to do is take a short, 6-second video, and then share it through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or embed it on your own website.

These short videos are just perfect for today’s increasingly short attention spans. Because good online marketing in this day and age means using fewer words and richer content.

With Vine, companies gain the ability to capture and share life in motion, which can be good for promoting and enhancing your brand’s social media presence.

So if you’re planning to use Vine for your own content marketing campaigns, it’s not a bad idea at all. You’ll just need to come up with something creative and new in order to reach your customers.

Here’s are some ideas to keep in mind:

1. Use tools to tell your story.

If Twitter is a micro-blogging tool, then Vine is a micro-storytelling tool.

When creating a video, always have a good storyline that is easy for the viewer to follow.

Take some time to plan out the scenes within your Vine. You need to make sure that you deliver a clear message within that 6-second timeframe.

If you think you have too much to say and could never condense your message into 6 seconds… that’s not true. You can play around with things like stop motion and time lapse, which Vine allows you to do.

Like what Rhein-Zeitung, a German newspaper, did in their Vine, which shows how much work goes into preparing your daily newspaper.

Weeks of work were condensed into a 6-second video, using Vine’s stop-motion capabilities.

It may not show all the details, but it definitely presents a more human side to the product in a way that people can easily follow.

2. Be creative.

Think of some ways to make your product more interesting.

You only have 6 seconds to attract your target audience, so make every second count.

The key is to exhibit your brand’s creativity, uniqueness and individuality.

Even if it’s something crazy or fun, it’s sure to get a laugh or catch the attention of your followers and customers, which is what you want.

For example: Oreo came up with a “life hack” for their product, to show customers a different way to consume their cookies in everyday life.  

3. Get your fans to contribute.

Vine is a trendy platform, and you’ll find its users are always more than ready to interact with your brand through the app.

Give them a prompt or motivate them through contests, and get them to participate.

It shouldn’t take much to get people’s creative juices flowing, and you’ll find most will be happy to help you generate content.

Or you can simply reach out to your followers, and ask them to submit Vines around a specific idea that gels with your brand.

It’s a great way to encourage engagement, as well as generate powerful, free content.

For example, the Valentine’s Day contest by the Cavendish Hotel in London, where users were encouraged to come up with romantic Vines.

This was the winning Vine:

 4. Drive traffic to social media.

Widen your reach.

Share your new Vine video on Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms, and encourage your followers/fans to share it as well.

Use the opportunity to promote your business by including a link back to your website.

If you can incorporate your Vine video into one of your blog posts, then do it.

And don’t forget that you can use hashtags to help promote your Vine.

Like Lowes Fix In Six.

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