The Growth of Mobile Marketing

Neolane and the Direct Marketing Association released a new report this week on mobile marketing. It states that while marketers are leveraging well on social media with 62% making use of profile data, likes and interests, only 23% are leveraging on mobile data.

To overlook the depth of information and potential for massive revenue found in mobile marketing is sinful.

The report found that most marketers did not have a specific strategy to deal with the data they were receiving. And others were simply unaware of the potential that lay in mobile marketing.

Microsoft Tag released the following stats some time ago. But I feel that it still gives us a very clear impression of what we can be a part of:

(Click here to view the infographic.)

Now I wouldn’t go so far as to say that mobile marketing is untapped, but it is still relatively new. As such, I think it is now the best time for you to jump in or at least dip your toe in the water. If estimates are true then we only have 11 months before mobile web usage surpasses that of desktop Internet use. So get to it!

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