Building Your Email List Using Apps

Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of Internet marketing and if done correctly can make you some serious cash.

As the saying goes, the money is in the list.

We’re talking your prime target audience at your fingertips to direct to any sales page of your choice, whenever you want.

Yet even if you have a fantastic offer, a subject line that is guaranteed to get opened and copy that converts, without an actual list, all your efforts will go to waste.

That’s why growing your list must be your top priority.

list building

The thing is, it isn’t enough to do it once then leave it. Statistics show that the average list loses 30% of subscribers every year. These losses stem from people who unsubscribe, mark you as spam and so on.

To make matters worse, a large portion of that list is usually passive. This includes subscribers that don’t open any of your emails, yet neither unsubscribe or mark you as spam.

So I’m sure you’re already familiar with list building techniques that include adding opt-ins on your website, asking for email addresses to enter contests, and all that.

But there’s another technique that is lesser known and even lesser used, that I feel is incredibly effective.

Building a list through an app.

There are now over 1 billion smartphone users in the world. Take advantage of this growing number by leveraging on apps to build your list.

Now there are a few ways to do this.

You could create an app that meets the demands of your target market. Remember to give value to your user, make it easy to use, entertaining and/or educational. Add an incentive for them to opt-in from there, such as a free full-featured upgrade of the app or bonus features.

Another way is by creating milestones for the user every time they reach a level of achievement. For example, if you were in retail and your app-user opened the app three days in a row, they would receive a coupon or discount or extra points. They would then be required to give you their email address in order to receive their gift.

Finally you can offer great value through the emails you plan on sending out. An example that I like is with They offer weekly updates of your child’s development from pregnancy through to the age of 9. Imagine having a list that will stick around for at least 9 years for your weekly emails!

opt in app

Their free app is called My Pregnancy Today where users can opt-in to receive these emails simply by entering their email address. No other information needed. And in return the user receives weekly updates on their child.

Which ever method you use, keep it simple. The goal is to obtain that email address. So I find it unnecessary to ask for further personal details. Even the user’s name. But that’s really up to you.

And there you have it. Yet another perk of mobile marketing. Merging apps with email marketing to grow your list.

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