5 Ways To Rebrand Using Social Media

Has your business changed since you started out?

Is it time for you to consider a rebrand in order to help your brand to stay relevant?

Or do you already have a brand image, but feel it’s time for your company to go in another direction?

Like what Microsoft Explorer did for their Internet Explorer – they rebranded it, by coming up with a new anime-style ad, which you can check out below:

Apparently they’re trying to get the younger, anime-crazy generation to change their view on the browser, which has long been the butt of jokes about how it’s “the browser for downloading other browsers”.

But the ad seems to be working, so far. It’s helped IE to hold onto 57.8% of its worldwide market share, believe it or not.

Knowing when to refresh your brand is never an exact science. But with IE having the reputation it had among most tech-savvy people, it was probably a good move on Microsoft’s part.

Miley Cyrus’ rebranding, on the other hand…

Let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s talk about how you can rebrand your company using the power of social media.

Any marketer will tell you that rebranding is one of the most challenging, painstaking and sometimes expensive things to do. It’s not easy to break current customer conceptions.

This is where social media comes in to help you accelerate your efforts and build a strong, positive brand image. Even if you already have a brand image, you can reposition yourself for better opportunities.

If done right, using social media to help you rebrand can triple your revenue. Everyone is online these days, and it’s much easier to reach you potential audience.

Here’s how you can succeed in your efforts:

1. Don’t go in without a plan.


Going blindly into a rebranding campaign can quickly damage your brand, your reputation and your business.

In fact, one of the first things you should do is sit yourself down and ask yourself whether or not your company really needs a rebrand. If it’s not absolutely necessary, then don’t waste your time and resources.

If it is necessary, then you should have a clear idea of what you want to become, and which social accounts are going to get you there.

2. Change the tone of all your accounts.

Your blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other accounts – these are all platforms to directly reach your customers.

Talk about your new direction.

You can also send out teasers – tell your followers that there’s a big announcement coming soon, so stay tuned. You have major news and can’t wait to share it with them… etc etc. These teasers will increase interest in your company.

Then when you relaunch or rebrand your business, make a big deal out of it.

3. Get a new look.


If you’re really looking to rebrand, you’ll need to start by shifting associations.

People will link your logo, colors and design with certain traits or emotions.

You need to reposition those concepts by changing design elements on your website and social media accounts.

Get a new Facebook cover, or a new Twitter background or profile image. It can go a long way.

A good example: Facebook’s redesign of their “Like” button for higher-resolution screens.

4. Answer questions publically.

Customers will inevitably be confused by the change in direction. They’ll be wondering what you’re doing, and whether you’re the same company they came to rely on.

Answer their questions and address their concerns publically on your company Facebook page or Twitter feed. Explain what you’re doing, who you were and what you want to be.

5. Be honest.

Don’t try to fool people – in this day and age, you can’t.

It just takes one person to call you out and then everything goes viral and your rebranding efforts go down the drain.

Be honest about your reinvention, why you’re doing it, and what’s in store for the future.

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