Website Design Basics

Designing your website requires that you plan and identify the features you want to appear on your site. It is also important that you establish what you want the website to do for both your long term and short-term business goals. The costs you will incur in designing your site will largely depend on various factors including the method you use to set up, the size of the website, and the features you want to include. Before listing the different ways to build your website, I suggest you have a look at some other things you need to consider when building it.


Designing A Logo

A logo visually and graphically identifies your business or brand. You can easily create your own logo by using platforms such as and, among others. For these platforms, all you need to do is log onto the platform, pick a logo template from the ones available on the platform and then add attributes such as text fonts, colors, spaces and size. Then, go ahead and download your free logo from the platform, allowing it to appear on your website. You can also buy a high-resolution version of the logo to use on business cards and any marketing tools such as banners. As you create your logo, have your target audience in mind; consider their cultural sentiments, their likes, preferences, and the type of brand logo that might appeal to them.

Site Colors

Colors also go a long way in creating the visual appeal and aesthetics that draw site visitors to your site and makes them stay there longer. However, you must be careful how you use colors on your site. Ensure that colors are not too bright or mixed up as this may lower the credibility and professionalism of your business and the site itself. You can use several tools to apply colors on your site. These include ColourLovers, ColourSchemer and Kuler. Kuler is widely used due to the ease in creating and customizing themes. This Adobe color tool is very versatile and once you undertake the quick registration, you can begin to create themes that you can view, retrieve and store in the Mykulerspace personal account. You can create your color themes by choosing colors from the color wheel and then customizing a preferred color from here. You may also import images from Flickr or from your computer and then use the colors on the images to customize a preferred color.

Free Pictures

There are various resources where you can get photos to make your site more visually appealing. These include: Public Domain Resources such as Flickr, Google Images, Stockvault and Stock.xchange. These are typically free to use however before using any of their images make sure that the image is labeled as ‘free to use or share’. Right Protected Resources require you to purchase images to use for specific projects and for certain duration. To use these images you might have to inquire with the original photographer. Due to the limitation in duration and usage, these may not be the best resources to use when looking for images for your site. Royalty Free Images are bought, but after you purchased the images you can use them in any way that you wish. However, other people can also buy and use this same image on their websites.

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