Types Of Websites, Part 2

4. Services


Creating a site that offers services is similar to creating other websites. However, you are not displaying products, but advertising what you can do. As such, your website content should tell customers that you have the expertise to meet their needs and that you are flexible enough to deliver personalized results. Service based businesses usually depend on local clients, thus you need to build a site that attracts these types of clients. Using features as Google Places (now Google+ Local) and Google Offers to promote your services is a good place to start in attracting local clients to your service offerings.

5. Lead Generation

Creating a lead generation website is an efficient and cost effective way of building the all important email list that will enable you to attract prospects and convert them to buying customers. To create a lead generation website, set up the basic structure of the website and then:

a. Ensure that the copy appearing on your lead page shows that you are an expert in your niche. Offer as much information about yourself, the business and the product benefits and features. Credibility will encourage site visitors to offer their information. The most successful lead generation sites are those that combine product and services information with an attractive offer for their prospects. This can be an informational product or a complimentary service.

b. Incorporate this copy into the main page of the website. Also, use tools such as FormMail or Fantastico that will automatically email you the leads from the webpages or send the leads to a database in the host server.

c. Use a list management tool such AWeber that enables you to capture site visitors’ full contact details. This tool also allows you to follow up with customers and prospects through emails.

6. Membership

A membership site is a great way of monetizing your online presence and for lead and customer generation. Here are some steps to take in creating a membership site:

a. Get a membership software such as WishListMember or MemberWing.

b. Develop website content. Ensure that the content is compelling enough that people will want to pay for it consistently.

c. Then, find customers by creating an affiliate program. Sites such as paydotcom.com (free account) are a good place to start for creating membership sites that feature affiliate programs. For each purchase a customer will make, you are paid instantly to your PayPal account. All it will cost you is a small fee paid to paydotcom.com plus PayPal fees.

d. Give free trial products that will allow people to subscribe to your site. This allows you to give free membership in the first month and then start to bill subscribed members in the subsequent months. Paydotcom enables you to use the trial subscription feature on your site.

e. Make the membership fee low and then generate the most income selling your own products or affiliate products.

f. Allow other people to spread the word about your site for you. Make use of platforms such as warriorforum.om where you can link up with customers, prospects and others who can put in a good word for your site.

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