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The growing trends in mobile usage are inevitable. The rise of the mobile consumer has several implications for businesses. The truth is that marketers and brands who fail to effectively embrace mobile will miss the lucrative opportunity for customer engagement.


The first steps when planning a mobile campaign are to check the type of devices your audience use, set up Analytics and test the campaign before launching it.

So what else can be done to leverage the mobile consumer?

Take Social Mobile Seriously: Many studies show that large numbers of mobile phone users are accessing social platforms using their mobile devices. As such, marketers should seek to reach out to their social communities through mobile. Businesses should also make it feasible for consumers to reach them through social media platforms that have been optimized for mobile.

After identifying the social media platforms that are suitable for your brand, go ahead and develop social mobile campaigns that offer users mobile friendly content. Ensure that the content you provide through social portals is visually attractive and brief. The visual attractiveness and conciseness of platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter have made these platforms very popular among mobile social users.

Optimize For Mobile: There is nothing worse than a mobile user finding a blank page or a poor redirection when they try to access a site from their mobile phones. To avoid losing customers in this way, it is advisable for marketers to optimize their websites so that they are accessible on mobile. Ensure that you create a web layout that is compatible with Smartphone browsers. It is also important to take into consideration the loading speed for the mobile web pages. Slow loading speeds are also a big turn off for the mobile consumer.

Something else you want to pay attention to are your pages. Ensure that consumers can reach a specific page without the need to click on too many links. Focus less on graphics and more on a layout that will enable the consumer to access the message fully without disruptions.

Create Mobile Friendly Content: Finally, offer your customers valuable content whether it is through social platforms, blogs or a website. However, the content too must be optimized for mobile so that your audience has a pleasant user experience. In your content, include short URLs and links, call to actions for downloads, hyperlinks to more valuable content as well as links to social sites and location-based services.

In conclusion, the larger picture is clear, the diversity and technological development of Internet enabled mobile devices will continue to grow. Marketers and brands will and should continue to find innovative ways to engage the mobile consumer.

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