The Future of Mobile Marketing

To harness the advantages of both traditional and mobile marketing strategies, it is best to integrate mobile into your traditional marketing efforts. One mistake marketers make, is to use marketing platforms in silos instead of using them as complimentary tools. This leads to an over-reliance on one single marketing strategy and neglecting other forms of customer engagement.


As you advertise on television and radio for example, integrate a call-to-action that urges consumers to visit your mobile website. You may also include a short code in your traditional advertising campaigns that encourages users to send text messages to a certain number to access a certain product or service.

To optimize your reach, integration of traditional and mobile marketing is required. Consider that a good number of users still prefer the familiarity of traditional media, and may be more likely to base their final purchase decisions on these channels. Mobile marketing can then come on as an important buffer that has a high, immediate impact as you reach several users at once.

This takes away reliance of the funnel shape that traditional media relies on, as mobile devices also enable you to quickly make any changes to the campaign in good time. Any responses or feedback received through mobile media can act as a source of data in decision-making. For the younger segment that is much more enthusiastic and responsive to mobile marketing, your brand image will grow positively as they will begin to view your company as one that can meet their needs.

Mobile marketing is largely in the growth/experimental phase. As such, marketers must develop a careful mobile marketing campaign when looking to reach out to customers using this platform. One such factor to consider is the issue of privacy that can easily hinder your mobile marketing efforts. It is also important to create mobile content that is relevant and targeted to your audience to have an effective mobile marketing campaign.

One thing is for sure – mobile marketing is here to stay and it will continue to grow rapidly. The way that we use this new form of digital marketing to engage with consumers will also continue to evolve. As we get smarter in our use of mobile marketing and as technology grows we will see a shift whereby we move further away from traditional forms of marketing and throw ourselves deeper into the digital and mobile world. We’re not quite at a place yet where we can move completely away from traditional marketing, and we may never move entirely away from this, but we are moving in a direction where digital and mobile marketing will be the dominant force for brands, companies and consumers across the globe.

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