SMS Marketing, Part 3

Platforms To Send SMS

GroupMe: This is a simple, mobile app for sending group texts to a small number of people. It is advantageous, as it does not require a smartphone or app and is completely free.


Signal: This tool provides convenience and allows simple management of the different types of customer data you receive including email, Facebook, and other interactive promotion efforts. It provides a single platform for all this, with plans from $30 a month.

Trumpia: This platform utilizes a QR code, similar to a bar code thereby simplifying your mobile marketing effort. Smaller businesses would also benefit greatly from one of their products, the appointment reminder, which is easy to use. They also offer different plans according to your requirements and intended scales of use, starting from $15 monthly.

EZ Texting: This option offers several plans starting at $29 monthly. It allows you to send a text message from either your phone or web application, and like most other plans, does not charge for incoming messages.

How Often And When Should You Text

Part of any successful mobile campaign includes providing options that allows your target audience to take the action you want, at their own convenience. If you send a message when your target audience is likely to be busy, the messages may go unread and unanswered. This means that your text messaging campaign will not yield the intended results.

STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW: The time you send out text messages largely depends on several factors. Research has shown that most people are using their mobiles between noon and 6pm, however you need to consider your target audience’s occupation, their culture (when do they have dinner, when are they usually available) and their mobile usage trends (do they use SMS frequently or prefer phone calls).

It is also important that you send out messages that provide clear instructions. Ensure that you provide a clear call to action. Do not bombard your audience with messages throughout the day; simply target them when they are likely to be more responsive and then send a message.

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