SMS Marketing, Part 2

Types Of Messages

a. Text-To-Vote / SMS Polling

Text messaging services can be used to collect, assess and poll data. This allows audiences to vote through sending response SMS’s to any polls that you conduct. The type of feedback you seek once again determines the nature of your campaign. This type of SMS is effective whether you require your target audience to make a choice between two options or you want to present several choices from which they can make their selection. This option is commonly used in the media by radio and TV stations, print media and entertainment brands.


b. Text-To-Win

Mobile campaigns have emerged as effective ways of beefing up sweepstakes and competitions that make use of the usual marketing forms such as pamphlets, stickers, audio or visual advertisements as well as newspaper magazines. The ‘Text-To-Win’ option is quickly becoming popular, more so when the campaign offers incentives. This method allows for the quick assimilation of potential customer bases as it becomes simple to collect mobile numbers and boost brand loyalty.

Text-To-Win campaigns are more effective when used in instances such as movie or event promotion for example giving away free movie tickets, and retail store giveaways such as coupons. The main features of such campaigns include: the ability to control the number of winners, retain the ultimate decision making when selecting winners and insert randomly generated mobile coupon code in the message.

c. Text-To-Join/Text-To-Subscribe

Text-to-Join is also known as Text-To-Subscribe. It gives users the option of joining a text message service to receive continuous updates of special offers and events. The Text-To-Join option has several advantages including: automatic addition of customer details; easy customization of messages for example: attaching mobile coupon, image, short URL in the response; response can be longer than 160 characters; easy management of text messaging schedule as per your requirements. With the information you have collected, you can send customers weekly or bi-weekly special offers, discounts, reminders, or advance information.

d. Text-To-Like (Facebook)

This option boosts visits to your Facebook brand page by allowing targets to text the word LIKE to a given number. According to Facebook requirements, the user must confirm their mobile device before participating in a Text-To-Like campaign. This type of campaign provides instant response, unlike 2D barcodes or engaging customers through information printed on the brand packaging. Users also receive regular updates on their newsfeed. This method provides an additional ripple effect as any other pages users ‘like’ will similarly receive updates with the information you send out.

e. Text-To-Donate

This option eliminates processes that are typically out off most potential donors, such as paper work and making checks. Text-To-Donate campaigns allow potential donors to text a keyword to a short code number, including the amount they are willing to donate toward a specific cause. The amount is then simply added to the user’s monthly phone bill. This type of SMS campaign is suitable for small charitable organizations.

f. Click-To-Call/Request Call Back

This feature is popular among businesses seeking to reach larger audiences. It also allows marketers and brands to boost their communication with clients. Online shoppers can easily reach the respective site or enter their phone number for a call back.

g. Click-To-Order/Click-To-Buy

This method proved successful when first implemented it, which led to its subsequent patenting. Click-To-Order allows customers to place orders simply, and as often as they would like without retyping their credit card information. It has become popular with leading shopping carts and both, mobile and desktop websites.

h. Click-To-Download

Click-To-Download campaigns allow for instant downloads of applications, as the ads link directly to your Google Play Store or iTunes App Store page. They also enable your ads icon to be displayed automatically, making it easier to access your mobile site.

i. Appointment Reminders

Service providers who schedule their activities around appointments such as medical practices can use this text message service to plan and schedule their appointments and send text alerts to clients. Additional information such as images, video or written content can be attached.

j. Text Notifications

Real-time text notifications show that your business is progressive as far as utilizing newer technology goes. Notifications can be a great way of keeping your target audience informed about any new and interesting developments that are related to your brand or niche. By providing relevant and timely text notifications, consumers will view you as a reliable source of information.

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