SEO Tips, Part 4

How Google Search Plus Your World Is Changing SEO

Google Search Plus Your World (Gs+Yw) is a free web-hosted platform launched in January 2012 that seeks to bring together the social platform that is Google + with Google Search. This integration allows users to personalize their search results and to have access to universal results as well.


The main features that make up the Gs+Yw platform include:

  • Personalized Results: this feature allows you to have access to information that you have generated. As such, you can have access to photos and content that you have posted and those that others have shared with you. When you place a query in the search engines, you will be able to see these personalized results on your Gs+Yw page.
  • Profiles in Search: this feature allows you to use Google Search to locate and find specific people. This might be people that you are close to, including family and friends. You may also locate past and present clients, and follow people in your industry that you might be interested in.
  • People and Pages: this feature complements the ‘profiles in search feature’. It lets you find people in a specific niche market. You can access their Google+ profiles as well as their complete pages. Once you locate these people in your stated area of interest, you can follow them on the social community platform.

As you can see, Google Search Plus Your World is a great platform that allows you to stay abreast with industry trends and to connect with the most influential people in your niche market. This means that as a business, you have access to trending topics in your field as well as expert opinion from trendsetters in your niche industry.

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