SEO Tips, Part 3

Google+ button (served 5 billion times a day – source: Google Internal Data) is a another feature in search just like the Facebook or Twitter buttons and it is meant to help people discover and share with their circles content that they like or find relevant. Google have publicly stated that they give preference to websites with the +1 box clicked multiple times as each click is considered like a vote for that page. Any user with a Gmail account can +1, when they are logged into their account and all the +1s clicked will appear in their Google+ profile. As a site owner you can’t offer anything in exchange for a +1 in the same way commercial Facebook users have done in the past (‘like’ us to receive….). This has to be natural.


There are three ways to engage with a +1 button:

a) +1 from search results that could indirectly affect website rankings.

Like the reviews on an Amazon page that can influence someone’s decision to buy or not buy a certain product, the +1s in Search can have an impact on click-throughs and therefore on Google rankings. The +1s can also have an influence on personalized results (when someone is logged into their Gmail account). People from the same circle, searching for the same topic, will be getting the +1s at the top of their results and they are most likely to click on them knowing that they were endorsed by someone they know.

b) +1 from a web page button that helps a web page get easier votes from visitors.

I suggest you add the +1 button on each page of your website and not just on the homepage. The total number of social votes (+1s included) of a page will appear beside your social buttons.

c) +1 from a Google + profile or business page that helps with the popularity of that post in Google+

All three keys to findability work hand in hand to give you the best website ranking in your niche for your preferred keywords. You can boost your ranking with just one or two out of the three, but to maximize your findability, you need to have all three working simultaneously. Without relevant content, you won’t get repeat customers. Without backlinks, you won’t get new traffic and get ranked as you could. Also the social media buttons (called ‘word of mouth’ in the digital world) let customers do the work for you and share your expertise. So when you are planning your next website, keep in mind Google’s mission statement and these tips, and you’ll be #l in no time.

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