SEO Tips, Part 1

Owners of online businesses experience a very competitive market and it can be difficult to get your local business presence noticed. That is why SEM (search engine marketing) also called ‘paid search’ and SEO (search engine optimization) also called ‘organic search’ have been a good resource for local businesses. With Google being the top worldwide search engine, it is the most targeted place to be in the Internet marketing world.


Google’s mission statement is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” while respecting their “don’t be evil” motto. For many people, that means needing to be able to get their website noticed through the various methods of search engine ranking that Google utilizes to organize the information that they have access to, so they can land on the first page for the keywords in their niche.

The ultimate goal for a website owner, however, no matter what kind of content they have, is not only to be on the first page of Google but also to rank in the top 3 results of any search in their niche. Studies have shown that over 90% of people never progress past the top 3-5 search results on any given search and less than 4% go to the 2nd page.

Knowing how Google ranks websites is so important as with traffic you get visitors, with visitors you can get customers, and from customers you get revenue.

Google has two types of rankings:

1) Paid done through AdWords – is very fast as you can get to the top of the sponsored searches within minutes however Google stops showing you once you’ve stopped paying for the clicks. In AdWords, relevancy and high bids are the essential factors for your ranking in the top positions. Ads at the top get more traffic than those at the right. The ideal positions for your ads are between 2nd and 6nd place as people tend to click before they read the entire ad and the ads in the first position usually get a lot of unqualified traffic. This can be a very expensive approach to marketing your site.

2) Organic — this is free, is the purest form of online marketing with Google but it can take time and it needs to be done with the Google algorithm in mind. However, once it is done, it can last forever. That’s why it can be even more valuable than the paid method and is my favored approach when marketing any website. You do however need to understand Google and know what you’re doing for this to be effective.

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