QR Codes, Part 4

Alternatives To QR Codes

Other than QR codes, Internet marketers can also make use of:


Google Goggles – this is an image recognition application developed by Google, which you can download. It is used for searches that are based on images taken by devices that are handheld. For instance, taking a photo of a barcode will look up the information about the product and taking a picture of a popular landmark will also search for its information. Google is working on making the application better.

Augmented Reality – this is an indirect/direct and live view of the environment in the real world, whose elements have been augmented by a sensory output that has been generated by a computer like video, sound, GPS data or graphics. It is considered to be an extension of a virtual reality and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the telecasting sports world. It is also popular with video games that are handheld.

Microsoft Tag – this offers you the solution needed when you want to communicate with clients who are on the move anywhere, anytime. It gives the business owner and the clients a simple way to make use of a rich suite when it comes to recognition technologies like QR codes, tag barcodes and NFC (Near Field Communication). Using the tags puts relevant information in the hands of the clients instantly making it easier to add a mobile aspect to any marketing campaign so that you can get to the customers in real-time. It helps to create campaigns that are innovative, flexible, designer-friendly, unique, localized, scalable and measurable. Business owners also get free reporting that enables them to know the direction their campaign is taking to make the necessary changes in-life.

Jag Tag - this works slightly differently from the QR codes and Microsoft tag. It does not need a Smartphone to be effective as it works through text messages and thus works with almost all phone types. This is ideal if you are looking to do something that will appeal to the people who are not technology-sawy.

When thinking of creating effective marketing campaigns, be sure to have the use of QR codes in mind as this can go a long way in producing great results.

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