QR Codes, Part 3

QR Code Uses

The QR codes can be used for a number of functions that will benefit the business including:


a) generate leads – since the codes are used on a lot of promotional material offering the users something god, they can be used to generate leads. This is very important as it leads people to the business increasing the customer base and subsequently sales and profits, which can lead to business expansion.

b) collect customer feedback – the codes are a great way to know how your customers feel about the business. This is important as it help you to know the areas where you are wrong to improve business for all the clients to be happy. Happy clients are great for business as they act as referees to increase business opportunities.

c) sell products and services – QR codes are great used to inform potential buyers about the existence of the products, which might trigger them to spend money on the desired products.

d) replace SMS – rather than spending a lot of energy and money sending your customers SMS, the codes are a much simpler way for them to get the information that you want them to receive.

e) deliver real-time information – this is one of the best uses for the codes as they ensure clients get real-time information. This means that they are not bombarded with details that have run out of date and may be potentially harmful to the business.

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