QR Codes, Part 2

Code Generators

Code generators are applications or tools that are used to make QR and any other types of codes. There are very many types of generators such as Kaywa, QR Stuff, Maestro, delivr and Zxing Project that can be used. There are some generators that only take care of the basics while there are more complex generators that can help you do anything like connecting to the Wi-Fi used by the business helping you locate a business via GPS to ordering a cab among many others.


It usually best to work with a generator that can be used to accomplish numerous goals; this helps to make a wide variety of QR codes. It also helps to reduce error rates so that users who have poor quality QR readers and low resolution phones can get the end results of the scan without a problem. How the code generator works is mostly dependent on the kind of codes the business wants to have as well as how the generator was developed.

Using well-developed programs ensures that you get high quality codes that will offer your customers all the information that you want them to access. Business owners can use the code generators to come up with the codes they want. Alternatively Internet marketers can look for a professional who is proficient with the code generators to do the work for them. This helps to save time, get the best codes and business owners can focus on other sectors of the marketing campaigns to ensure that they are a success.

What Are Code-Scanning Apps?

Code scanning apps are the applications that are used to reveal the messages of the codes for a person to read them with ease. Examples of these include:

AT&T Code Scanner – this is a very effective scanner, which can be used for Data matrix, UPC Barcode Reader and QR used online, in ads and products. This allows the user to view mobile sites, read product reviews, get coupons, watch video clips, get discounts, compare the prices of products and generally get more information about the products they are interested in.

QR Code Reader and Scanner by ShopSawy.inc – this is an application for iPhone users. It can be used to scan any type of 2 dimensional barcode with the phone. It comes with a cleaned up user interface, fixed bugs and an added scan history feature.

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