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To boost the consumption of your site content, you need to promote the content. Press releases are an effective channel through which you can let your target audience know about your site and what it has to offer. To get started you need to prepare a marketing press kit, which is simply an information portfolio about your business. A well-prepared marketing kit allows you present your business and your brand to the media, investors as well as potential customers in a favorable light.


You may create a marketing kit on your own or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, ensure that the kit addresses your business’s mission, the product offering, any accomplishments, awards, and processes that set you apart from other businesses in your niche.

There is a cost effective way for you to gain free publicity using theĀ HARO (Help A Reporter Out) platform. HARO allows you to answer queries in your field that reporters might be interested in. By offering comprehensive answers to these queries, you stand a chance of having your business covered and distributed across the web network.

To get started on HARO, simply sign up with your name, email address and company name. Then you will receive up to 30 leads in your inbox, three times a day. These leads are specific to your niche and it is important that you respond adequately to the queries. With your response, you may attach your full contact information or just your website link. If a reporter is impressed by the response, they may ask you for further information and an interview. Some reporters will send you a link to where your story has featured but you can use Google Alerts to find out any mentions about your business.

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  1. Damu says:

    One little tip I use for mesylf is to dig my well before I am thirsty’.While writing a post, if ideas are flowing well the piece can be done quickly. The hardest part is to connect the ideas and make the content flow nicely.I would collect the writing ideas IN ADVANCE. I carry an ipod with me all the time. Whenever a good writing idea pop up in my mind, I drop it down. Some people like to use a journal too.And I find putting metaphor and story at the end of the post can move people to take action.

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