Online Advertising, Part 2

Daily Offers

Daily offers can be an effective method of advertising and attracting customers to your new business. These programs enable you to offer discounted deals in return for exposure and promising customers or subscribers. Some of the most popular daily offers programs are:


Groupon: offers unique deals in that for an offer to become valid, a specific number of people must buy it first. In this way, Groupon is able to make some money and businesses have the certainty that a certain number of people will subscribe and buy the offer. When you sign up your business for Groupon’s daily offers, you will not incur out of pocket expenses; you will only pay when customers buy the coupons. A strong point of Groupon is that they play a big role in advertising and promoting your business’ offer. Although Groupon can be a great method of attracting new customers, it is a good idea to analyze how the move to offer daily offers using this method might affect your business’ bottom line. Keep your eyes on the price point to ensure that the customers you attract will be willing to spend more on other undiscounted products.

Google Offers: is Google’s daily offers program in which Google helps you create a deal and to determine the price and the methods of promoting the deal. The main features in a Google Offers advertisement include the headline, which is optimized for the search engines and to reflect what your offer is about. The ad/offer also features an image of your products and a write up that describes the product. Google will then help you to advertise this offer on their Google Offers website, email contacts and provide mobile applications to local customers who are interested in a similar product as what your business offers.

CraigsList: is a free marketing and advertising platform from which you can display your product offering to your target audience. This platform is especially helpful for Internet marketers and advertisers looking to target a wider audience on a low budget. To get started on CraigsList you need to create an account. Most advertisers do not create an account but for easy maneuvering of the platform, it is essential that you do.

CraigsList is designed for local advertising. As such, you need to limit the areas from which you are offering the product or service. Posting on more than one geographical area will get your account closed. Then, choose a category that best suits you product/service.

Avoid obvious advertising on CraigsList, as this will get your post suspended. Instead, list the products or services your business offer. Then, include some photos and prices and instruct interested prospects how they can contact you.

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