Mobile Websites, Part 3

Other Things To Consider When Building Your Mobile Site

Callback And Live Chat For Customer Service

Responding to communication from customers, whether real or potential is crucial to any business, and should be a consistent element in any business, including in mobile marketing efforts. Live Chats can go a long way, in responding to queries quickly. Callbacks also make it easier for consumer to immediately make follow-ups on items that interest them and for the marketer to respond to queries. Callback in itself offers a great opportunity to generate sales from general inquiries and be able to further sell the benefits of a product or service, on a one-to-one basis. Live Chat also allows for a similar function. These important elements of customer service can be leveraged to further boost your mobile marketing campaigns.


Voice Broadcasts/Webinars

Voice broadcasts and webinars offer unique interactive sessions. The one-on-one nature of webinars and video broadcast allows you to speak directly with your target audience without being in the same location. In addition, directly receiving queries and requests for assistance, and the chance to create a deep relationship that fosters brand loyalty through simply engaging your audiences’ mobile devices. The personal touch that results from such forms of communication is also a step forward as far as the optimization of the existing technology goes. Increased traffic to your site, reminders of special events, discounts or offers to be launched are strategies that can be used to foster loyalty, and ultimately see a positive turn in revenue if mobile video broadcasts and webinars are used optimally. Examples of platforms that support voice broadcasts and webinars include,, and

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is something that we’re all most probably familiar with but just don’t know what it’s called. Imagine when you call through your telecoms or utility provider and have several options to press on the automated system before finally getting through to a human representative that menu system in the IVR. It also, as well as being a simple menu systems can also allow a computer to interact with humans by voice and tones using the input of keypads. In addition to enhancing interactions with the business and the client, an IVR also serves as an important role in cost cutting measure that reduces the staff numbers you need, while at the same time still maintains the ability to stay in touch with customers. Though interactive voice response, often makes use of pre-recorded voice technology, technology is changing to allow voice recognition to gather and respond to communication. Using IVR, users can have access to information on your site regarding product updates, events scheduled, placing orders and much more. When using this type of technology you will no doubt create loyalty and even attract more traffic to your site.

There is a very interesting survey from Compuware where people where asked what they would do in case of problems when visiting a site on a tablet device. 49% are not likely to visit again, 46% will visit the competitor’s site and 35% are less likely to visit the site on a PC or other mobile device. So make sure that you test your site on different devices and browsers before putting it live.

Online Tools To Build Your Mobile Site

Mobify: This allows you to quickly and simply create a mobile version of your website through an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). It also has a platform specifically for e-stores for the mobile web, known as the Mobile Website Platform. The free version includes the option for a custom domain; paid plans start at $249 monthly.

MoFuse:¬†Due to great customization abilities and functions, this is a popular choice. It allows you to transfer elements to your live site by dragging and dropping to create optimal visual arrangements. You then preview your new site using the emulator, which brings up a mobile phone screen on your computer’s monitor.

OnBile: It provides a versatile interface and customized script that that can be applied on a site’s index page. When site visitors access your site, they are instantly redirected to the mobile website. With OnBile, you can choose from up to 13 templates.

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