Mobile Websites, Part 2

Important Pages On A Mobile Site

An Opt-In Page To Collect Data


These are web pages that appear on mobile devices when potential customers click on adverts or search engine based result links. They are known as landing, squeeze or lead capture pages. These pages should give the needed information as quickly as possible, bearing in mind the small window of opportunity that mobile devices offer.

The landing forms should also be short, between one and three, and not more than seven fields at most. It should focus only on the fields needed for urgent data collection to ensure that users submit the minimum lead data (like name, email or telephone number).

A Page With Contact Details And A Map

So you can be found easily by local customers.

A Sales Page

The aim of a good sales page should be to harness the capabilities of the mobile device to make the mobile shopping experience user-friendly, fast and flexible. Some tips in this regard include: providing product benefits and features, allowing customers to checkout without creating an account and informing them at what stage of the checkout process they are in at a given period. Shopping carts should be kept in a consistent location on every page and update customers on the number and nature of items in their shopping cart.

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