Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 3

Tips For Integrating Mobile With Social Media

Mobile and social are strongly interlinked channels. This is attributable to the fact that many mobile phone users are accessing social media channels using their mobile devices.


How can a marketer make use of both mobile and social to engage with his target audience?

Consider the buying funnel: In both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions, it is essential to determine where your prospect is on the buying channel. If have a prospect from social media platforms, most likely they are in the initial stages of the buying channel. This means that they will require different type of content when compared to those who are higher in the buying channel.

When dealing with a prospect that is lower in the buying channel, it would not be appropriate to send social media posts or messages that are asking them to make instant purchases. Such an approach would turn off the prospect. A better approach would be to offer valuable content that will gradually push the prospect higher in the buying channel.

Integrate mobile and social with your tracking system: In mobile social media marketing, you are essentially using two mediums to engage your audience – the mobile and the social media. It is a good idea to measure, track and analyze both mediums as one and also as independent entities.

For example, sending out Twitter or Facebook posts with a link to your mobile site may prompt those in your social community to visit the mobile site. This provides you an opportunity to track the URL, based on the activities that the site visitors take while they are on the site. Some factors to consider when tracking mobile social users’ activities are:

a) the path the site visitor took before landing on a specific page

b) the site visitor’s location (helpful for geotargeting)

c) the time (day of the week or time of day)

d) the site visitor’s IP address

You might also want to consider developing a mobile application that will make it easier for your social audience to engage with your brand. Apps allow you to run contents, display promotional offers and to conduct surveys. The type of social mobile app you choose will entirely depend on the activities you are looking to conduct with your social media audience.

In conclusion, mobile and social are trends whose popularity is forecasted to grow in the coming years. It is beneficial for marketers to continue leveraging both platforms in an effort to improve brand visibility and engage with a targeted audience that is receptive to the marketing message.

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