Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 2

Facebook Mobile

Businesses need to come to the realization that Facebook for mobile offers a lucrative opportunity to interact with millions of potential customers. There are more than 900 million users on Facebook and the number continues to grow every day. Users upload over 300 million photos each month on Facebook. The role of mobile on Facebook is essential due to the sheer number of users and also the level of activity demonstrated by users on this platform when compared with other social networking services. Through the newsfeed feature, mobile users are able to receive relevant content. What does this mean for the mobile marketer? It means that users can receive content on their mobile device as they access social media in real-time.


To make the most of this platform on mobile as a marketer:

a) post short messages with a maximum of 160 characters. Shorter mobile social posts are more engaging to users than long posts.

b) be sure to optimize your photos for mobile to ensure faster loading time and full visibility. Photos speak a thousand words and through their smartphones, users can access interesting photos of products or related items.

c) do not forget to ask your social target audience to take action. A call to action can be to click through to your mobile site where they can view products, a call to download a mobile webinar or to make a purchase.

d) tell your fans about your offers and claim your Places page

e) you may also want to make use of Promoted Posts to gain more visibility for your Facebook posts. If you choose to use Promoted Posts, it is advisable to test their effectiveness especially when the number of fans on your page declines and the response rates are low.

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