Mobile Search Marketing, Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, having years and years experience in traditional SEO methods and strategies does not necessarily mean that one has a similar level of aptitude, or can apply the same principles when it comes to ‘SEO For Mobiles’. Mobile devices will continue to gain popularity and stand out as a tool that would further enhance online marketing, more so with the growing number of platforms and users, as well as the usage capabilities on which they continue to rely heavily on.


How To Optimize Your Mobile Site

Use Standards Techniques For SEO

A few traditional SEO practices can be applied as a means of boosting rankings on your mobile site.

a) proper keywords in titles and content: It is important to base all copy, including headlines, on the search habits of mobile searchers. Unlike desktop searchers who may be more general in nature, this group tends to focus on meeting a specific need whenever they log onto their mobile devices. For example a specified task may involve finding pinpointing a location or seeking out a specific product.

b) useful titles for each page: Mobile searchers first seek out and evaluate page titles during a search, which makes it essential that yours come as close as possible to their queries for improved rankings.

c) clear description of pages: Apart from title tags, page descriptions provide additional opportunities to tailor your content for relevance and quality that searchers will appreciate and see them refer to your site over and over.

d) consider outbound links: These provide a deeper user experience as they are important guides to relevant information; furthermore, they build a connection and sense of trust more so when linked to well known brands.

e) codes: Broken pages as a result of bad or invalid code always reduce rankings, and it is imperative that you follow valid HTML coding to maintain consistency across all mobile operating systems for the best possible experience. Remember that browsers will still rely on code to determine page relevance.

Minimize Your Site

Your site should be as user-friendly as possible; note that mobile users have less time and will most often not wait for the completion of slow loading pages. Google is also focusing on usability and speed for as an important strategy to ensure better user experience. Having buttons on your page for instance, is a simple and effective trick. Also remember to eliminate Flash since, as most Smartphones do not render it.

Use Professional Looking Domain Names

All popular variations of mobile URL’s can be redirected to .mobi domain and be optimized for search purposes:, and .mobi. A neat trick that boosts rankings is adding a subfolder, instead of a subdirectory as this uses the full trust and authority of the root domain. Reliance solely on formatting desktop content means less visibility in search engines.

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