Mobile Loyalty Programs

Mobile loyalty apps provide value for both brands and the consumer. These loyalty apps are increasingly becoming a significant element in the marketing mix. Integrating mobile apps with loyalty programs eliminates the need to carry physical loyalty cards. Smartphones allow users to carry their virtual loyalty cards anywhere they go. However, security and reliability concerns are still challenges that retailers and customers are facing with mobile loyalty programs. Some useful mobile loyalty programs include:


The Foursquare Mobile Loyalty Program

This type of mobile loyalty allows business owners to give out coupons and other promotions, to customers anytime they go online through their phones to search for a specific business. The app provides business locations, thus customers can know where a particular business is situated. When customers check in to a business, they can redeem their loyalty points and for example, enjoy a discounted meal.

The Levelup Mobile Loyalty Program

This app allows the customers to make their QR codes using debit or credit card. The user will see all the details they need to use while paying for items in different stores. A marketer can offer different incentives to customers using LevelUp. In addition, it is possible to make transactions at a very low fee of 2% per every transaction conducted.


This app is designed for both iPhones and Android. This is a deal site designed for mums. There are other types of loyalty apps. When using these apps, customers need to load serial numbers from their favorite stores, on their Smartphones. When the consumer wants to purchase anything, they can give out their phones to the cashier who will then scan the code that appears on the homescreen.

These apps can be used by one user to send gift cards to another user’s phone. When a user shares a gift card, they earn more loyalty points. What makes virtual gift cards and loyalty cards so attractive is that it is so much easier to open an application than it is to carry physical gift cards and loyalty cards. In the end, using mobiles to payments is convenient for both the marketer and retailer and soon they may replace credit cards.

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