Mobile E-Mails, Part 3

How To Create A Mobile Friendly Email Design


  • Use short and simple subject lines as long ones make the content appear to be too much especially on a small screen.



  • Use 640 pixels or lower for the width of the email. This is the ideal length for most mobile devices and makes it easier to read without necessarily zooming in.


  • Lighten the size of the email files. Try and create emails that are 20k or less so that they can open easily on the mobile devices and the message can be sent.


  • Increase size of the call-to-action buttons and of navigation links. This helps the readers to access them easily without making tap errors.


  • Come up with landing pages that are mobile friendly. These help to encourage the subscribers to click through them.


  • Do not use Flash images. Although well designed and flashy may be appeasing to the eye, there are some browsers where the images may be blocked thus the reader will not get the directive.


  • Use plain text. This sometimes is the best option to use and it works well without the need for fancy additions. Play with various formatting options to make sure it stands out and the intended message is delivered.


  • Use links generously. They can be added to logos, headlines, product images, brand names and any other place where you feel the links would be appropriate. You would be amazed at the places some people are willing to click to get the links active.


  • The call to action should send the subscribers to the landing page directly. It is also important to be consistent with the designs and wording that is used for the promotional emails as well as the landing pages so that the subscribers can spot them easily and take the necessary action.
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