Mobile E-Mails, Part 2

How To Deal With Different Browsers

The trick is to come up with 2 different versions of the emails for example, one optimized for plain text and the other in HTML.


Plain text emails: these are simple emails that allow you to format them the way you wish like underlining text, italicizing, holding, using different colors, and adding hyperlinks among many others. The general idea of this is that the message is not distorted upon delivery.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML): emails use the rich text formatting that does not allow a person to format it as it is the case with plain text. This is usually a better version if the device used by the client is able to handle it.

Most of the ESPs enable the email marketers to use ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editing tools to come up with beautiful HTML emails thus the plain texts emails are disregarded. You should however not completely do away with the plaintext emails as they come in handy in a number of situations such as:

Mobile devices, email clients and some browsers do not support HTML – this is due to some factors like functionality and bandwidth that makes them not be compatible with HTML. It is therefore important to have both versions so that people, who cannot access them in one kind, can do so in another.

Link to web version must always be included – this comes in handy when a person who has received the email cannot open up the pictures that have been used or anything else as they can use the link to view them without any problem.

To understand how the various mobile devices, email clients and browsers work create a template for each. Compare the various templates to pick the one that is most suitable.

How To Collect Email Addresses

An SMS database is one of the best options that you have when it comes to collecting customer information as it allows you to get an immediate response. Discounts and desirable freebies can be used as bait to create interest. You can then go a step further and ask customers to give you their email addresses. This is because there are some individuals that prefer to use email for communication. This will therefore benefit you, as they will get the messages that are sent to them through their preferred medium.

Another way of collecting email addresses is to develop a website that is pleasing to the eye when opened on an iPad, TabletPC or Smartphone. You will then have to come up with persuasive reasons as to why a person should give you their email address. It is therefore important to think through carefully the offers that people will find on your mobile site. Some organizations make use of the QR codes to persuade people to give them their email address.

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