Mobile E-Mails, Part 1

Demand for mobile content is on the rise as the mobile masses continue to grow rapidly over the years. Emails today can be used as avenues for promotions, deals, and newsletters thus are very important business tool. Tablet and smartphone users are subjected to a way that they can access their messaging communication from a unified box. This usually appears on the screen of the smartphone for easier access and it includes email, tweets and Facebook updates among many others. Avoid complex content that needs a lot of attention as the message you want to pass across may not be received as it takes the reader too much effort where they would rather move on to the next thing. Smaller screens and slow download speeds usually cause a challenge to mobile users.


Email marketing services are usually hosted by an ESP (email service provider). Using your regular ISP (Internet Service Provider) to send out a lot of emails may not be futile as they can be blocked especially when it has not been set up for sending too many emails.

The ESP take care of the hard work and will also go a step further and give you a detailed report on the results of the campaign click through rates, open rates and delivery success. Here you can see the specific subscribers who engaged in the actions or unsubscribed. This is very important as it will help you gauge whether the email marketing campaign is a flop or success.

Some of the things to consider while picking out an ESP include:

a. Private IP address or very few users for the shared IP – the IP address that is used to send out the email can be compared to a phone number as it shows where the email came from. The same way you would not want your number to be shared with different people is the same way you don’t want to have a crowded IP address. Too many people with identical IP address may cause problems and this may result in the address being blocked. It is therefore important to find a provider that will offer you a private IP.

b. Up to date infrastructure – The ESP you decide to work with should have a number of connections to the Internet from various sources and robust hardware. This makes them reliable especially if the connections stop working or the hardware fails. Be sure to ask the providers about the kind of infrastructure they are using so that you can be sure your emails get to the people you intend to send them without any complications.

c. Customer training and support – the ESP provider should provide both phone and online customer training and support.

d. Excellent reporting – your ESP provider should offer good reporting so that you can track the success rate of your campaign for instance: open rates, click through rates and success of delivery.

e. List segmenting – the ESP should make it easy for you to segment lists using any criteria that you are comfortable with such as demographics, location, etc.; having subset on your lists increases the success rates of the campaign.

f. CAN SPAM compliant – the ESP provider should make sure that all the customers are under the CAN SPAM, giving them the opportunity of stopping you emailing them for whatever reasons.

g. A/B testing – helps to test the content of the email and subject line among many other parts of the email to see the ones that have the best results.

h. No term contract – do not work with any ESP that might require you to sign a contract for more than 30 days. This is important especially when you want to move to another provider for one reason or the other.

i. Free trial – many ESP’s provide free trials. Take advantage of this to find out whether the company fulfills all your requirements.

j. Pricing plan – different ESP’s have varying price methods for their services. Be sure to go through this very carefully to select the one that you are most comfortable with.

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