Mobile Apps, Part 4

How To Make Money With An App

There are several ways that you can make extra cash with your app. The most common method that people prefer to use is through paid downloads. This is where users pay the fixed price that has been set to use the app. Be very careful when setting up the price, as you do not want it to be too high so that users will shun away from using it. Find the ideal middle ground, as you also do not want it to be too low to maximize on profits. You should have fierce marketing campaigns to let as many people as possible know the existence of the apps.


Secondly, you can get a sponsor for your application. This is where you can either decide to sell it to a corporate organization or anyone else who is interested. You can get into an agreement with them to be giving you a percentage of the money they make when they use the application or you can sell it to them for good.

Thirdly, you can offer the apps for free at the beginning and have the users pay later if they want a more enhanced experience. This is one of the best ways to attract a lot of users with the ‘freemium’ offer and you might be surprised on the numbers that are willing to pay to enjoy the app fully.

Finally, you can sell advertising space within the app. As long as you get a good match between the advertiser and the app to create impressions of satisfying the need for profit, you can take advantage of the pay-per-download model.

To promote your app, you can place ads on paid networks (AdMob or Tapjoy), Adwords, social media (Facebook & Twitter), feature on, publish great content on your site, write a press release, submit to review sites, post a video on YouTube showing the app benefits, SMS and email your mobile audience or start an affiliate program.

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