Mobile Apps, Part 3

App Stores And How They Work

Understanding how app stores work is very important to determine the store you will work with as well as getting to know the grips on apps sales among many other things. To begin with, Apple usually tracks the top apps and ranks them so that you can get to know the best in the market. Getting on this list is good for business as it helps to boost sales as witness by some developers who have made it to the top 100 list. You can therefore browse the stores to find out the top applications and whether yours feature.


Submitting your recently developed app to an app store is quite easy if you follow all the correct steps. Before you embark on this project however, you will need to register to be a member of the application store. This is a simple process as all you have to do is submit the details that you are asked for, pay the required fee and you are good to go. From here the apps stores will give you directions that need to be followed when submitting the app you developed. This includes logging in to the site and clicking on ‘Add new application’ on the ‘Manage your applications’ tab. Do not forget to include your bank details in case you want to charge people for using the app and be paid.

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