Mobile Apps, Part 2

How To Build A Mobile App

With the numerous advancements in mobile technology, it is important to be equipped with information on how to create a mobile app and this is how:

1. Come Up With An Idea


Think of something that your clients can use to have a better interaction with the goods or services that you have on offer. Be sure to come up with an idea that will help to solve existing problems in a unique way so that the app can be a success. Creating an app that helps people with their problems increases rates of success.

2. Find A Developer Or Build It Yourself

Once you have a superb idea, look for professionals. However if you have the technical know-how, you can go ahead and build it on your own. Don’t be in a hurry to single out one developer, as it is important to take time and research so that you can find the best man for the job. This should be someone with vast experience to get the best results at the end of the day.

Online Tools To Build A Mobile App:

There are some online tools that come in handy when you want to develop mobile apps in a simplified manner such as:

Mippin – this is one of the easiest tools to handle when you want to develop a mobile app. It allows you to build apps for Windows, IOS and Android. It also offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creation of the apps and you can have Mippin distribute the new application to Android, iTunes, AmazonStores, and Windows.

AppMakr – this is a browser-based platform that has been created to help building iPhones apps easy and quick. You can make use of social networking feeds and existing content to come up with different approaches that will be used for the app. Some of the features it comes with include JavaScript capabilities, custom CSS, GeoRSS, push notifications and location-aware.

GENWI – this is a tablet and smartphone publishing platform that can be used to build as well as manage your presence on a number of mobile devices such as HTML apps, Android, iPhone and iPad. It delivers high quality photos, graphics, audio, video and other forms of interaction mediums. It also allows a person to modify their apps any time they like.

MyApp Builder – this is a tool that creates Android and iPhone Apps for business owners. All that is needed of you is to provide content in form of books, videos etc. and their advantages will be derived from there. There is no need of technical expertise to deal with the apps developer as it also uploads the end product once it is done.

MobBase – this is a tool that is ideal for musicians or individuals in a band as it allows them to take advantage of the RSS feed so that fans stay up to date on recent events as well as news. It also allows you to upload songs that your fans can listen to as they browse.

3. Test It And Modify It

Once the developer has started working on the application, it is important to test every single aspect of the end product. Make sure that it is perfect as the people who will be using the applications will not be forgiving of any flawed functions or errors where it might end up tarnishing your name and destroying the business. Get your family and friends to test the product so that you can be sure it is at its best. Get the application through serious and thorough scrutiny before it is finally launched into the market.

What Your App Should Have

When thinking about developing a mobile app some of the things that it needs to feature include:

Email support – apps are constantly online and thus need to have email support so that the users can stay up to date with any new information that regards the app.

Integration with social media – this helps in interaction with the users as well as makes it more popular so that other people can use it.

Reviews – it is important for the app to have reviews so that you can get to know how the market has received it. This can also help you pinpoint some of the flaws that it might have so that it can be made better.

Security – it is important to come up with an app that is secure so that the users information is always protected. This is because no one wants other people to tamper with their information as it might lead to some serious damage.

Personalization – make sure the app you have created looks after specific needs of the users if you want it to be a hit in the market.

4. Create A Buzz

Before the application is launched in the market, it is important to create a hullabaloo about it so that people can anticipate it. Create a demand for it where everyone will want to try out the new application. Talk to reporters and writers and have them check out the concept that has been used for the new application. It is also important to utilize all mediums that you use for communication to get people to know about it. This also requires you to come up with an effective marketing campaign that will help people know the app is on its way.

5. Submit The App To Google Play Or To The App Store

After all this has been done, it is time to submit the application to the app market. Uploading the application to the relevant platforms will help ensure that people who need it are able to access it with ease. You will also need to continue with the marketing campaigns to ensure that it reaches a wide mass.

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