Mobile Analytics, Part 2

How To Conduct Mobile Polls And Surveys

Text Message Polls: This entails setting up a survey or a voting system that asks users questions through SMS. The system will also provide choices that participants can text back in answering the questions. This system will save the participants’ answers so that you can download and analyze these answers. Through text message polls, participants are usually directed to the poll through widgets, a mobile website or other offline advertisement campaigns.

Apple iPhone with Social Media Apps

Mobile Website Surveys: If participants can access your website through their mobile devices, you can create a web-based poll that is optimized for mobile. You can use a WAP browser or a WHML when creating the mobile poll.

Voice Polling: This entails calling users on their mobile device to solicit a vote or to conduct a survey. This method is costly and may not be suitable for the limited budgets of smaller marketers.

Tools To Use For Mobile Analytics

There are numerous tools you can use to conduct analytics for your mobile campaign. Some of these include:

Google Analytics: Although most marketers use Google Analytics for tracking their desktop sites, this tool is also effective in conducting mobile analytics. You can easily integrate Google Analytics into a mobile application for iPhone and Android as well as the entire mobile websites.

Localytics: This tool is effective for managing iPhone, Blackberry and Android mobile apps analytics. The service allows marketers and developers to view and analyze data to make informed decisions about their mobile marketing campaigns.

Flurry: These two merged services allow for mobile apps analytics. When a mobile phone user approves, the marketer can view the user’s data including their age, location, how long they spend on the mobile website or on an application.

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