Mobile Analytics, Part 1

With the increasing usage of mobile devices as well as a growing generation of mobile users who are using their mobile devices for different purposes, marketers cannot afford not to track their mobile marketing campaigns. In an effort to improve users’ experience, marketers have optimized their websites for mobile and have configured emails so users can read them on their Smartphones.


The mobile email click through rates, the mobile website views, the campaign ROI are all factors that should be considered when measuring the effectiveness of a mobile campaign. However here you will see how to measure and track the effectiveness of mobile campaigns using clicks, calls and votes. The metrics that you track entirely depend on your campaign goals at any given time. It is also best to use tools that will help you to accurately track metrics and monitor the progress of your campaign.

What to Track?


The most important metric to measure in a mobile campaign is the volume and buying behavior of your target audience. This information can help you to configure your website in a way that will allow greater viewership, click through rates and conversions. For example, if you built a mobile application, how would you know the number of people who are engaging with this application? To understand the conversion rates for that specific application you would have to determine the number of clicks it receives. If you have optimized your site for mobile, it is also important to track the actual click through rates from mobile visitors and separate this from desktop visitors.

By tracking the clicks, you will be in a position to understand your target better as well as those who subscribe to your mobile campaigns. Tracking and segmenting the visitors who clicked and those who did not click a specific link allows you to offer follow-up content that is relevant to the user.

A positive click through rate is an effective measure of the success of your campaign. This is because more clicks means that your mobile content was valuable to your target audience. This is especially true for SMS, mobile emails and applications. Click tracking allows the advertisers to segment his subscriber base and through this, he is able to track the click through habits of these subscribers.

To track clicks, you can install Google Analytics in your mobile site. This free tool allows you to see the specific devices that the target audience is using to access mobile content. Google Analytics also helps you to track the number of visitors clicking through to your mobile site. Simply select the option “Mobile” from the Visitors Tab on Google Analytics. This will enable you to see the data about visitors coming to your site using different mobile devices


Tracking the number of calls that you receive from visitors who come to your mobile site is also an essential analytic. Site visitors and other offline subscribers can call you for different purposes for example, to inquire about a product or service, to ask for clear directions to your business or to participate in a mobile contest.

Call tracking allows you to monitor both online and offline leads from your marketing campaigns. Tracking calls allows you to determine the effectiveness of pay per click advertising campaigns, media buying, direct mail, broadcast and print media campaigns.

Tracking customer calls entails designating specific toll free phone numbers to a marketing campaign. This way, you are able to assimilate data from the customers who call through this number. You will also be able to track where the call is originating from and gather information about the person who is calling. The data that you gather is available throughout the day and remains safely stored in the call tracking software that you choose to use.

Call tracking offers significant benefits to marketers who use more than one strategy to advertise their products and services. From one interface, you will be able to access real-time information about your marketing campaign as it pertains to in-bound callers.


Mobile polls or votes conducted through SMS can be effective in engaging your customers and bringing new ones on board. Through polls, you can ask your audience questions, their opinions about products, services and the brand and their views of what can be made better. While the feedback that a marketer will receive from mobile votes or polls is important, the relationship fostered with the audience is even more significant. Mobile polls can also go a long way in helping to build a mobile customer base.

The advantage of using votes and polls to track mobile user engagement is that you get fast response. Mobile devices and phones are highly portable and people carry them wherever they go. This means that the participants are able to respond to polls or take a vote in just a few minutes of opening the polling lines. Additionally, mobile phone polls are inclusive so that any user can take part in the poll, more so if they are responding to a toll-free number.

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