Mobile Advertising, Part 4

Advertising On Your Site With AdSense

Google introduced a program called AdSense Mobile in 2007 to help marketers to leverage different platforms when distributing mobile content. Clients with websites customized for mobile browsers, or interested in creating such, can exploit the mobile site by accessing a growing number of Google’s mobile advertisers. Once clients adopt AdSense, the program allows Google to display relevant ads using carrier-targeting technology.


To get started:

1) Login to your account

2) Choose the AdSense Setup button and click on the option ‘AdSense for mobile’

3) To optimize the ads for AdSense mobile, follow the simple instructions that follow

Google uses AdSense for mobile to match ads to the content of clients’ mobile websites and enables them to earn money whenever a mobile website visitor click on the ads.

AdSense for mobile is designed towards websites optimized for older types of mobile phones as on a smartphone normal desktop ads show well. AdSense automatically detects the type of device accessing the client’s site, and delivers matching ads. The program can detect and track feature phones as well as high-end phones.

A number of features enable companies to create interactive ads that can engage their users. GPS can be exploited to identify user location instead of asking them to type it in.

The time between clicking the ad and the user’s interaction with a page should always be less than five seconds. A good technique is to work with a download rate of about lOokB/s over mobile device networks.

Advertising On Social Media Sites

Facebook’s objective is to become the second largest mobile advertiser, after Google. They recently launched an app for iOS devices called ‘Pages Manager’ that allows advertisers to book advertising space for ‘Facebook Promoted Posts’. This app also gives its users the opportunity to post updates and respond to fan comments.

Facebook is also testing third-party ads on platforms such as Zynga, iOS and Android apps. Once a user clicks on these ads, they will either be brought to the app store or to a mobile site.

As per a report from eMarketer, Twitter is expected in 2012 to have larger revenues from mobile advertising than Facebook. However in 2013 it is forecasted that Facebook will make 5 times more in 2012, beating Twitter in the process that will only double their mobile advertising revenues.

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