Mobile Advertising, Part 3

Advertising On AdWords

Google mobile advertisements are displayed on mobile devices along Google search results, on content sites and in applications. Clients can make advantage of this to place their brands in front of their target audience.


The rate of mobile device searches has skyrocketed over the past year. By the end of 2014 more people will be using mobile devices than traditional computers to search for information. This means that an increasing number of customers will be searching for your product or business with Google Mobile Ads.

AdWords allows two types of mobile ads:

a) ads supported by high-end devices that are not so different from computer ads and can be displayed on smartphones.

High-end mobile devices enjoy complete browsers such as those used on personal computers. These devices have a large zooming capacity and it is so much easier to browse using these devices. Ads for high-end devices are divided into two:

High-end mobile text ads: they are similar to desktop ads with one exception; the number of ads seen through a mobile device is smaller owing to the screen size.

High-end mobile image ads: the ads are similar to desktop ads, but usually make use of 320 x 50 banners.

b) ads for WAP devices different from the standard ads because they are shorter and are only supported on older, feature phones.

Ads for WAP devices also fall into two categories:

WAP mobile text ads: These ads have texts that have as many as 12 to 18 characters on the text lines. This will vary with the language you use to write the message. An option is included for the company’s website URL on the third line (20 characters) and you may also include a link that allows users to directly call a brand when they see the ad.

WAP mobile image ads: see guidelines from Google.

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