MMS Marketing, Part 2

Types Of MMS Campaigns

1. Greeting Card MMS

eCards are electronic greeting cards. Since they are sent from company sites they can be embedded with promotions and ads. The message on the eCard can be tailored for a number of services including: promotion of products, creating brand awareness, invitations to special events, reminders, client appreciation and sending references.


To get content for the eCard, companies can make use of creative artists or illustrators to create animations on eCards. Additionally, companies can use the service of content providers, as this second option is much cheaper.

2. Promotional MMS

Direct-To-Consumer: In this type of campaign, the content is sent directly to consumers in form of graphics, video and audio. Content is embedded with a message such as a call-to-action which encourages direct purchase through stores or online.

Retail Point Of Sale Considerations: the retail display or product packaging is turned into an interactive experience. The display delivers dynamic and rich videos or animations to customers at storefronts in retail outlets. Direct links in the content make it possible for customers to spread the information across social media. This creates a valuable viral marketing potential.

Make Print Come Alive With A MMS Video: this is the combination of interactive media with print in ad campaigns. For instance, a call-to-action campaign through QR codes printed on product packaging. They can be used to show the product in action, display customer testimonials. The text is linked directly to company’s mobile websites where there can be maps to nearest store or free coupons.

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