Location-Based Marketing, Part 3

Check-in Services

Facebook Places

Places, which exploits the success of apps like Foursquare allows Facebook users to let other users know about their physical location anytime they check-in to a location. This allows friends to tag and share with each other, making tagging and sharing on Facebook Places viral when compared to other platforms. Businesses can use the location information to reward different kinds of behavior and with special deals to customers.


Advantages of Facebook Places for Marketers:

a) Places reaches more people because check-ins are automatically posted on users’ profile and newsfeed. This allows marketers to reach more people within the social community.

b) it enables users to discover new places and events and broadcast their whereabouts to friends on their Facebook network.

c) Places allow marketers to serve custom and targeted campaigns as consumers make critical purchasing decisions. This offers brands insights into consumer behavior; as such they are able to create compelling and relevant content and ads.

d) ads served through the Places platforms are effective because marketers can serve the ads to users when they are focusing on something similar as opposed to waiting for the user to begin a search or to take a specific action. This can help to boost sales.

e) store promotion: there are over one million business pages on Facebook. Places can help a business to promote its store and premise in spite of the number of businesses that are already on the platform. When Facebook confirms that you are the owner of the promoted business, your business will gain extra visibility whenever a Facebook user checks-in.

Google+ Local

Google+ Local is a local business listing that allows businesses to showcase their premises through videos, photos and updates. Brands that use Google+ Local can send out real-time offers ad alerts that are targeted to a specific audience. Essentially, Google+ Local incorporates other Google properties such as Google+ social networking platform and Google Search.

Google+ Local is suitable for brands that are looking to leverage the mobile consumer while he is on the go. When listing your business with Google+ Local, you will include your business name, mode of payments as well as contact information. You may also use traditional methods of SEO to make your business visible at the search engines. Google will also display the business premise on Google maps to allow customers looking for your business or similar products and services to find you easily.

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