Location-Based Marketing, Part 2

How To Reach People In Your Local Area


Foursquare boosts the reach of updates that businesses send. Users who are close to the business will have access to these updates and will either show their loyalty by visiting the business or find out about the business for the first time. The recently installed features on Foursquare will make it easier to navigate a company’s web pages through the dashboard. The features are free and businesses only need to claim a place and to administer their pages using this mobile social platform.


The Coupons App

The Coupons App is a local advertising platform that allows you to reach customers through their mobiles, while they carry out other tasks. It is a creative mobile marketing technique for engaging with a wide consumer audience to promote your business. Ads are constantly broadcasted to those who are in just 20 miles radius of your business. The Coupons App allows advertises to display targeted results when customers use this network to look for local offers using their mobile phones and devices. Any potential customers who come close to the radius (20 miles) will receive updates about these local offers on their mobile devices.

PayPal Media Network

This platform helps users to find and to share places they find interesting. The service utilizes an engine that offers recommendations based on the user’s preferences. The engine will then provide suggestions for similar places that the user may be interested in. The service also develops databases of favorite places that users can share with friends. Users can share stores that they visit, a restaurant that impresses them and any location that they deem worth sharing. Where.com also helps users to locate great local deals instead of flash sales as offered by services such as Groupon.


Pushpins is a couponing services that entails the distribution of coupons to the loyalty cards of mobile device users when they look through products in stores. Users can download this application for use on iPhones. When consumers visit a store, they can use their phones to scan items and find pushpins coupons for the scanned item.

Users can also access social networks to discuss the savings they have enjoyed on the items they shop for. They can also enjoy loyalty points that they can share or redeem. On the hand, retailers can access detailed data about users of the application; such data includes shopping behaviors as well as the products that shoppers prefer. Brands can then use this data to sell products that consumers are looking for. Pushpins is free to use for both consumers and brands. However, retailers must link their point-of-sale system with Pushpin to offer consumers a more effective checkout process.

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