Location-Based Marketing, Part 1

The use of location-based information in ad campaigns gives mobile marketers an opportunity to create messages that are more relevant and to increase the rate at which customers access their products and service offerings.


Location-Based Marketing (LBM) is the use of mobile marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographical area. Businesses can send display ads, paid search ads, coupons or other forms of advertising to the mobile devices of users who are located using GPS or cell tower triangulation. This form of marketing is great for area-based businesses, such as those that want to attract customers located near to the business premises. More than 18% of Americans using a location-based app such as Facebook Places, Foursquare or Gowalla check into a place almost every time they go out (source: Edison Research). 62% of Americans have used the ‘find a store location’ feature within an ad on mobile devices (source: JiWire).

How To Find People In Your Local Area

Find Local People Using Twitter

Twitter is an ideal way of engaging and interacting with people near or around you because it allows you to locate them as they tweet in real-time. Twitter users often tweet about things that are happening in their surroundings, making it possible to locate them by searching for landmarks or locations near your business premises. You can search for twitter users based on geographical information such as city name, neighborhood name, landmarks, nearby businesses, public buildings, events and hashtags for community events taking place close to your business. It is best to check different variations that people use to spell out your city name on Twitter. Each one of these names will widen your scope and give you more focused search results.

Twitter uses the ‘Tweets Near You’ tab to display a list of the most recent tweets that match your search criteria for people near your current location. Tweets in the search results can be clicked to display a brief account profile of each user. Click ‘Follow’ to add users in your location to your Twitter community.

Find Local People Using Twellowhood

This is a public twitter directory that allows you to locate people according to where they are at any give time. To display the directory’s map page, access the map on Twellowhood and then click on your continent, followed by country, then state or province. Select your city. A list of cities is generated showing Twitter users in your state or province. Click on your city name in the list and then sample the profiles of users and choose whom to follow.

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