List Building Tips, Part 3

Sales Pages

Sales pages, also known as ‘squeeze pages’ or ‘landing pages’ are webpages that capture site visitor information such as their name and email address. This page allows you to present your offer in detail and to persuade your audience to offer their information in exchange for something that your business is offering.

Marketing Strategy

As you create your sales page, make an offer that your audience cannot turn down or afford to miss. Show them what the problem is from their own perspective and then tell them that it is possible to solve this problem. Start building relationship with your audience early by showing them that you understand their needs and what you can do to meet these needs. Remember to focus the sales page on the audience, their needs, and how your product will benefit them.

As you tell your audience how your product or service will solve their problems, show them the proof. Remember that for most people “seeing is believing” and they have to be convinced that you can deliver on your promise. Use solid facts and any true reviews that prove that your product works.

Elucidate your offer using a step-by-step approach that will give your audience precise information. Avoid cluttering your sales page with too much information or superfluous promises. This will jeopardize the trust between you and the audience. Instead, market your product/service but get to the point. Provide an incentive such as a free, limited trial that allows your audience to test your promise before fully buying into it. This will prove your credibility.

Make your sales page interactive by incorporating both text and video. The video will certainly make the page come alive and will create a stronger rapport between you and your audience.

Remember to optimize and test your sales page title and content for the search engines. Use the appropriate keywords in the title, within the text body and in your video presentation too. Google Website Optimizer is an effective tool to use in testing different sales pages.

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